Monday, January 28, 2008

Herding Through The Pines

I often apologize to Stella for bringing home a sister that insists on herding her. Annie likes to use our daily walks to show off her skills, but Stella seems to take it all in stride.

The only thing Stella seems to have an upper paw on Annie is she can move faster than the speed of sound. Oh, and there is that wry sense of humor of hers...

This afternoon we were enjoying our daily walk through the pine laden trails when Annie noticed her "sheep" Stella had wandered out of sight.

She hid behind a pine tree waiting to pounce and get her sheep back in line.

Where Is She? (Notice the streak of black in the background that came unexpectantly from the other side.)Hey, what was that noise behind me?

This is Stella doing the victory dance. Notice how Annie can't help but laugh! :)


Moco said...

Glad to see that Stella is feeling better and putting one up on Annie. At least Annie has a sense of humor about it all. Do that victory dance one more time, Stella. Check out one of my early blogs as I gave you girls an award.

Stella and Annie said...

Thanks Moco. Your blog is great! I love the circus of pets you have in your household. Gee, maybe I should add a couple of cats around here for my girl's to chase!

William Tell said...

Gorgeous pictures of you girls playing in the snow. We haven't had much snow this winter so far, but Mom's got her camera ready for action when we do.

William Tell