Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cousin Digby

Whenever mom starts talking about her childhood, we know we are supposed to just sit quietly and listen. She expects we will find the lesson in her story, even though we have a hard time concentrating on much of anything other than the treats in the cabinet.

After mom returned from a visit with her sister and our Sharpei cousins Digby and Miagi, mom was reminded of when she attended high school with her own cousins. Mom was an unremarkable high school kid, just trying to go somewhat unnoticed when word leaked out in the school just who her cousins were. The cousins were always being picked on by mean students for various reasons. Mom was confronted by a mean student one day who asked, “Are you really related to those people?” Mom was forced to take a stand of loyalty and answer yes. Mom had to defend her underdog cousins at several other crucial points during her high school years. Mom told us blood was thicker than water. She said we also needed to stick up for family no matter how different they may look or act, and no matter how badly we may want to distance ourselves from the unusual just to fit in ourselves.

It was after this lead in that mom produced this picture of our cousin Digby:

We didn’t have to meditate too long about the moral of her story this time. We might have to take a lot of heat from our other dog pals defending this creature...

But hey, we are up for the task!
We say, “wear those wrinkles proudly Cousin Digby; we got your back!!!”

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Always Mind Your Mother

Mom told us to pick up our toys before she started joy riding around the yard on that noisy grass eating machine. But, I thought to myself, "Don't tell me what to do!"
"Waaaah!! Who ate my frisbee?!?" (I guess I should have done what mom told me to do...)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Gift

<-- "Mom, when can I play with MY new Christmas present?!?!"

We went to see the vet and weighed in at 27 and 28 pounds respectively. We watched as mom asked the vet if we would get any bigger. The vet said we were both about done growing. I could tell mom was sad because she loved her prior BIG dog. But then mom said the coolest thing, "sometimes God knows what we need better than we know ourselves." The vet smiled remembering how mom used to have to drag that 100 pound "mule" in the office in the past. We just sat there wagging our tails and puffing out our chests, trying to look just a wee bit bigger than we really were.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

In The Beginning...

In an effort to mend my broken heart after the death of my near perfect Border Collie Freddie Boy, I rescued Stella from the Humane Society. They told me she was a Retriever/Terrier mix and should grow to be 50 to 60 pounds. She was the last little puppy left at the shelter...

A year and many gray hairs later, I saw Annie at the local pet shop. She looked exactly like my near perfect Freddie Boy did when he was a puppy. They told me she was a Border Collie/Aussie mix and should grow to be 50 to 60 pounds. It was Christmas time, and I decided I had found the perfect gift to give Stella...

How much trouble could two little girl dogs be?