Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Stella and Annie had a major dog fight last week. Stella ended up in the unfortunate position of dog on the bottom. When I was finally able to pull them apart (after spraying them with the hose had no effect), Stella dragged her battered body to the garage. I thought at first Annie was hurt worse because I could see deep red blood on her snow white fur. I soon figured out it was Stella’s blood, not Annie’s.

Every once in a while they painfully remind me they are dogs.

I have signed Annie up for 8 weeks of dog obedience training to see if I can curb her increasing attempts to dominate our paper doll world. The trainer informed me to purchase a “choke” collar before the first class. I cringed when she said it and meekly responded by asking, “Should I bring treats also to reward positive behaviors?” She replied sternly, “No treats will be needed. We believe in LEADERSHIP, not TREATORSHIP.” Clearly, I will be the human on the bottom in this relationship.

I’m feeling a little sad that love doesn’t seem to be the cure-all these days. I was able to love Stella through her year of bad behavior and ended up with a fine little dog. But, I can’t wait a year to see if heaping love on Annie will be enough when Stella’s well-being is at stake.

So, I move forward with a sigh, a little more jaded at having seen my babies trying to rip each other apart, and more than a little disappointed at the prospect of becoming a “Pack Leader." I had hoped to simply preserve the title of “World’s Greatest Mom.”

Monday, June 4, 2007

Taggin and Waggin

We were tagged by my movie star clone Pappy (a.k.a. Adrian Brody) to pick a famous person we most resembled. As for me, it would have to be Phyllis Diller (in looks and personality, I provide my mom hours and hours of endless entertainment!)

As for sister Annie, it would be Sarah Jessica Parker. They both have the same nose and that deep, thoughtful look on their faces. (Oh, and they both like martinis also....)

P.S. Hey, check out SJP with her dog. It looks a bit like Annie too, don'tcha think?!

We are going to tag our pal Max from Jax with this same challenge. Max, get those paws hoofin' out to the web to find your celebrity match!