Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Graduation Day

Annie and I completed basic training (er I mean, basic obedience!) last night. Annie’s aggressivebehaviors forced me to enroll her at Mid Michigan Kennels (www.midmichigankennels.com) with a police dog trainer accustomed to training German Shepherds to locate narcotics.

The instructor didn’t find it funny when we entered class the first day with Annie walking on two legs like a circus dog. He also didn’t find it endearing how she gently placed her paw on top of my foot every time she sat down. He did, however, find it commendable by the last day of class when Annie was easily anticipating and responding immediately to my every command.

Annie was exhausted after 8 weeks of intensive training…

....but not too tired to try to kick Stella’s butt the minute we got home!

I put Annie in the submissive position until she relaxed while Stella sang softly in the background....

"Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away...."