Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Seize The Day

Stella had a grand mal seizure in December and was catatonic for over an hour after all that bouncing around. A trip to the vet revealed the diagnosis of idiopathic epilepsy (i.e. epilepsy, don’t know the cause.) The prognosis was to monitor her closely (i.e. wait and see.)

Lately, she has been throwing up several times a day on mom’s new carpet. (She doesn’t like to throw up on the wood or tile floors because they are not as soft and fuzzy.) Luckily, mom has a super new steam cleaner for her rugs and Stella has not shown any other symptoms of epilepsy in the past week.

As for Annie, she ran away on Christmas night. Mom and Stella were still up waiting for her when she arrived back home after 2am. Mom’s eyes were all red and she didn’t seem to have any voice left to yell. She just squeezed that little dog real hard in a bear hug, muttered some kind of thanks to God, and went to bed. A trip to the Invisible Fence Company to make sure the collars were in working order revealed everything was working fine. Annie is just the kind of dog that is willing to take a shock to see if the grass is greener on the other side.
But, the grass is always greenest with the person willing to clean up your vomit and greet you with open arms regardless of the manner in which you left.


Peanut said...

Oh my goodness a lot has been going on huh? While growing up we had a dog that had seizures but he took medication. Plus his weren't grand mal.
We are glad Annie came home. That would have been scary. I know whati's like though since Flash was gone for those 8 days last year.

Grammie said...

Poor Stella. I hope she will be getting better. Did the VET put her on meds? That Annie is quite the rebel. How can you be mad at them when they show up after being gone? You are so glad to see them.

Stella and Annie said...

Hi Grammie and Peanut!
Thanks for your comments. As for Stella, the only medicine the vet mentioned was a daily mild tranquilizer. But, I don't want to alter Stella's personality with medication unless the seizures become more frequent. (She has such a STELLAR personality as she is!) I asked if Annie could be put on the tranquilizers instead, and although the vet sympathized, she didn't think that was such a good idea! :)

Grammie said...

I had to put Foley on elavil (old antidepressant) because he became aggressive toward Pappy and one grandson. Everyone (vet included) had a hard time believing that he had an aggressive episode. There were factors involved, but we started him on it and he has been very mild mannered ever since. Has Stella stopped vomiting? I would think the vet would be concerned about that.

Stella and Annie said...

Hi Grammie:
Stella has not vomited for two days now and my steam cleaner is getting a well deserved rest! Thanks for asking :)

P.S. When the snow melted, I found two and a half deer legs in the yard. I suspect my two precious girls had been chewing on them, so that may have added to Stella's digestive issues.

Grammie said...

I bet old yucky deer legs could have caused the vomiting. Glad to hear Stells is doing better. Now to figure out how to keep Annie in the yard. She is quite the vixen.

Jessica said...

I'm glad everybody seems to be calming down now.

I have a very funny image in my head about the deer legs. It probably wasn't so funny to discover them.

Moco said...

Moco says:
Hey girls check out my blog. I gave you an award.


it's me Mona

me wants ya to come over and tell me what breed Copper is.

bet ya caan't guess!!

Stella and Annie said...

Thanks for the award Moco. Hope you have a nice day also!

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