Thursday, October 25, 2007

Let the maturity begin!

Annie turned 1 on Sunday! Stella and I sang "Happy Birthday" until we were blue in the face. Stella said she thinks Annie belongs in a zoo. Then, Stella laughed at Annie in her party hat.

We went for FOUR walks in honor of the day (instead of the usual two.) Annie LOVES to go for walks. Sometimes I think she would walk all day long if she could!
But, Annie seemed to really LOVE her McDonald’s hamburger best of all! (See the little bit of pink tongue sticking out?)


Grammie said...

Good to see that they survived the day together in the house. There is hope on the horizon. Annie looks like she is cooking up devious deeds in that party hat. Hopefully all the walks and Mickey D's took it out of her. I hope she had extra pickles on that burger. Where are the fries and birthday milk shake? Stella looks great as always.

Stella and Annie said...

Thanks Grammie, the girls have been getting along better the past week. I especially appreciate your comment about Stella. Most people don't consider her as pretty as I do :)

Grammie said...

Stella is lovely. I could not imagine someone not thinking she was a great looking dog. Some people have no sense.