Thursday, September 13, 2007

This Masquerade

It all starts out innocently enough…a little “talking”, a little “kissing”, a little grooming….

Then before you know it, the arguments start.....

....the growling starts, the teeth come out, and the good feelings just sort of disappear.

(Gee, reminds me of a few dates I’ve had recently…)


Grammie said...

Maybe Annie needs a few sheep to herd. Or she could put your dates in line. She could do a calf crunch on them.
She really wants to be the Alpha dog. Our Alpha dog is a female also. The guys give her a wide berth.
Poor Stella. She probably thought she was getting a playmate.

Stella and Annie said...

Good observations. I suspect if I had been able to stay out of Stella and Annie's disputes, Stella would have taken the down position and Annie would be a happy Alpha by now. I just can't seem to stop defending the underdog (which as it stands now is sometimes Stella, sometimes Annie!)