Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Killing Fields

I arrived home yesterday to find yet another critter mercilessly slaughtered by my two precious serial killers. Over the past year, the following unfortuante critters have crossed the path of S & A Assassins:

1. 2 mice
2. 2 chipmunks (one caught, scratched the heck out of Stella and survived; the other easily killed by darling Annie.)
3. 4 moles (get the message guys, the grubs in this yard are NOT worth the risk!)
4. A wild turkey (yes, Stella caught a turkey and I had to risk my own life by getting in the middle of the pecking and nipping to save that poor bird.)
5. A rabbit (more specifically, a wascally wabbit.)
6. A raccoon (they had a carcass, but I’m suspicious this may have been killed by a four wheeled rather than four pawed assassin.)
7. A mourning dove (this broke my heart and I wrestled the bird away from Annie but probably did it no favors as it appeared unable to fly away.)
8. An unknown critter they had cornered about the size of a groundhog with a while body like an opossum and a small dark triangular head. The critter lurched at Annie and ripped open her lower lip causing Stella to decide she was not too interested in further pursuit. (Anyone know what this thing could have been?)
9. A groundhog (you know, they really cry when they are caught, a sound that still haunts me today…..)
10. The head of a rooster. (I think this poor fella was probably killed by a human, but the girls couldn’t stop bringing back that head to show me no matter how far away I threw it with the shovel. Luckily, I haven’t had to see it in a few weeks, but I will never forget that sad, soulful look in its eyes.)

Gee, I can hardly wait to get home tonight and see the next victim that awaits my inspection and disposal.


Grammie said...

I think they are leaving you gifts.
They really need to learn to shop in a different place though.
Peanut and Flash's Grammie

Stella and Annie said...

I agree...two more moles were waiting for me belly up tonight. I feel kind of sorry for them with their round belly's and little pink feet up in the air :(